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I make websites that work They're easy to use and they're easy to find

Hoopla make attractive, accessible and intuitive websites that are fun to use...

Hoopla is a one (Sometimes two)Benedict Adam founded hoopla with me and is always on hand for SEO expertise man Web Design and Development studio based in Brighton & Hove and run by Dominic HuxleyDominic Huxley.
I know how your customers use the web, so I can improve your presence online and nudge you ahead of your competition

Why me?

1... I know my business

'www' text - I know my business

I keep up-to-date with what’s happening in the industry. I know how to make websites easy and fun to use. I know about search engines, accessibility and best practices.

2... I'm efficient

User Centred Design diagram - I'm efficient

Every project is centred around you and your changing requirements. I follow a User Centred Design process which keeps you in the loop and ensures that I’m reliable, on-time and on budget

3... I know about your customers

Online shopper in thought bubble - I know about your customers

By knowing about your customers and analysing your competition I can build you an online presence that will attract more internet users and help your business stand out from the crowd.

4... I have standards

Halo - I have standards

Everyone should be able to use the internet easily and enjoyably. I know how to make useable websites that conform to web accessibility standards and user experience best practice.

5... I love the web

Comedy Heart - I love the web

That’s the least you should expect from me! My passion will shine through in the work I do for you.


Peak Audio

Hoopla have designed and built a custom Wordpress brochure website for Midlands based Peak Audio



Hoopla are creating an Identity, Website, Email campaign and Google Android App Design for a new Football Blog & Portal


Gites of Brittany

Hoopla have redesigned and built a brochure website for www.gitesofbrittany.com

Find out how I can help you or your business

Email me. I promise not to badger/bug/harass!